Announcing: The NEW Doctrine Centre


After months of planning and collaborating we are excited to announce a new indoor cycling location, additional membership perks, and new programs for our members!


Your cycling centre is re-locating this summer a mere 2 minute bike ride directly west to the south east corner of 10th ave and 10th street. We will be joining forces with a local indoor stationary cycling studio, Peloton Cycling, and renovating to offer you a state of the art cycling facility.


Your classes will still be on your bike with a professional coach using your data.

Your membership will now also include some amazing new benefits;

  • Free 2 hour Parking (160 spots to be exact)
  • Showers and change rooms
  • Rapid Air Exchanger and Filtering
  • Fitness Grade Air Conditioning
  • Better ergonomics of tiered platforms (every spot is a good spot)
  • Leave your class and pick up shopping without moving your car.


We’re excited to bring onboard the experience of award-winning and top level instructor Martine Yzerman and her cycling-based indoor stationary bike classes. She will continue to offer her top level classes and we’ll now have the ability to offer opportunities to corporate groups, youth sport, or simply the bi-cycling curious. 😉

We are also adding;

  • Core, Pilates and TRX for Cyclists (coupled with your cycling session and full classes)
  • Meeting area for post ride coffees / beverages.
  • Re-envisioned Running Programs.


Of course we will continue to offer the programs and expertise that you’ve come to expect that make The Doctrine the leader in Calgary cycling;

We can’t wait to show you your new place to train, meet and get excited about your lifestyle. We have a lot of work to do, but I truly believe it will be SO worth it to make this place yours.

Here’s to new beginnings and 2 wheeled adventures ahead! CHEERS!

We’ll keep you up to date with our renovations, ideas, and pictures to make the new facility a destination you look forward to being part of.

Your coaches pose for one last shot in front of the studio that started it all!

On a Personal Note:

We’ve borrowed from our Past,
it’s time to start building our Future.

The last time I was on a plane was 14 months ago. I was fortunate enough to be hosting 13 cyclists for a memorable vacation in Malibu. Two weeks after landing back in Calgary our team had to halt our indoor classes. Since that time, like all of us, I’ve really had to rely on friendships and relationships I’d made and maintained throughout the pre-pandemic years and all my memories of adventures, both local and abroad.

Our cycling hobby is cool in so many ways as it has many facets to enjoy. It’s hard to define all the benefits of cycling; for me it’s the opportunity to explore new roads, challenge myself, grow old as gracefully as possible, immerse myself in other cultures, and the most important is the comradery of spending time with others.

We’ve been able to weather this pandemic on the back of our existing connections and networks. Throughout my life I’ve been fortunate enough to take several relationship courses, clinics, and even retreats. I’ve learned a lot at each one. One of the courses emphasized how a good relationship can withstand time apart. This is up to a certain point, however it is healthy to require the need to connect again. To establish the reason you were drawn together in the first place. I feel this is true as well with whole communities and clubs, and it’s time to start connecting again. I’m looking forward to our summer outdoor club. I’m really looking forward to building a place cyclists can come that feeds their desire to belong to such a great group of people of similar interests. Our new facility addresses almost every “Wouldn’t it be cool if …” suggestion we’ve had from our members throughout the years. I’m looking forward to building it, and I’m really excited when we get to show it to you.

One of my favourite songs before and especially during these times that gives me motivation when it cycles through my playlist is Architects by Rise Against. When this pandemic seems to be directly targeting the small businesses that make your city interesting, it’s time to for all of us to start building our Future.

“Do you care to be the layer of the bricks that seal your fate
Or would you rather be the architect
Of what we might create?”

Looking forward to seeing you soon! Trev and his awesome coaches.