Our Team

Meet Your Coaches

Real coaches with eyes on you and real people to high five as you reach your cycling goals.

Trev Williams Head Coach / Owner

Trev coaches:

  • Mon / Wed 6:00 am 60 minute class

  • Tues / Thurs 9:15 am 60 minute class (Women's Only)

  • Tues / Thurs 7:00 pm 60 minute class at the JCC Revolution

  • Volume Saturday 9:00 am 120 minute class

Trev has an extensive history in amateur sport. Growing up with an active family that based its vacations around running races and hiking, the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle was always impressed upon him. During high school and throughout Trev's first degree (B.Eng), running and bodybuilding were the activities that most consumed his free time. After graduating with an Engineering degree and sick of the 'student lifestyle' of relentless studying, Trev joined a Triathlon Club during his Masters degree based out of the University of Victoria and has not looked back since. This commitment to be a "student" of endurance sport not only got him through his doctorate but launched his career into coaching. Through the past 20 years, Trev has gravitated toward cycling primarily, but has continued to compete in running and triathlon events to spice up the outdoor season.

Marie Tessier

Marie coaches:

  • The Generator Run Studio

  • Sport Conditioning Pilates & Transitional Coaching

  • Monday / Wednesday 9:30 am and noon in The Engine Room

  • Friday 9:30 am Volume in The Engine Room
Teaching the Friday Long Ride, the newly developed running efficiency classes and one on one functional training, Marie brings a mulitfacetted aproach to life long movement and endurance activities. Her classes are targeted at athletes of varying level of experience, however the common thread would be a desire to spend the winter months actually focusing on aspects that will make a superior overall cyclist, runner or triathlete. With Marie's large background in Pilates, Sports Conditioning and functional movement, she understands the essentialness of a solid foundation and focusing on form. Being an Instructor Trainer, she knows just how to describe to you how to go about attaining this solid foundation.

Jamie Henry

Jamie coaches downtown in the NEW Engine Room:

  • Mon / Wed 7pm 60min Class

  • On rotation for the Saturday 9:00am 120min class.

Average hockey player turned cyclist! Jamie grew up with a passion for hockey. After finishing a lackluster, low level college hockey career, he turned his attention to triathlon to try something new. After a summer spent swimming, biking, and running, he came to the conclusions that he wasn’t good at swimming, didn’t like running, but was obsessed with cycling! The rest is history.

Lavina Gilliland

Lavina coaches at the JCC Revolution:

  • Tues / Thurs 6:00 am 60min Class

Lavina is an Original. When Trev was first developing the concept of a truly coached and programed indoor cycling studio, Lavina was in Trev's first class of 6 in his basement. We called the small group The Spinmommas for fun not knowing that it would develop into a full community of like minded movement and outdoor enthusiasts in the following years. Lavina helped Trev with feedback on how to guide a class effectively while using the data as a tool and not a crutch, all while aiding in the development of the software that is used almost ubiquitously in cycling studios to this day. All these years later, after exploring miles and miles on her road and gravel bikes, we are lucky enough to have her coaching with us at the JCC studio. Lavina is also heavily involved with Biathlon Canada and gives much of her volunteer time to both able bodied and para athletes facilitating their access to world class events.

Jerry Luntley

Jerry coaches at in the downtown Engine Room:

  • Saturday 6:30 am Volume 90 - 120 min Class

When Jerry isn't working at the children's hospital as a paediatric Anesthetist, you can be rest assured he's outside enjoying an extremely active and diverse lifestyle or preparing to be! Trev met Jerry well over 10 years ago and is always impressed with how well he incorporates his love for being outside and active into his daily routine. 2022 is the first year Jerry will be coaching in the studio, but not even close to the first time he's helped the Doctrine in our quest to keep people loving the social aspect of being active. Jerry helped The Doctrine host 5 medical cycling conferences from 2013 to 2017 and has most recently been instrumental in the success of our Social Cycling Club when he enthusiastically took command of the group of newer or casual cyclists and provided them with a summer full of fun and safe Wednesday evenings.

Mary Jessey

Mary is our affiliate Swim / Triathlon Coach:

Mary is the founder and head coach of LYNX Triathlon. She has been swimming her entire life - as a competitive age group swimmer, as a member of an NCAA University team and as a triathlete. She tackled her first Sprint triathlon in 2002 and over the next decade worked up to Ironman distance. In 2012 she became an NCCP Certified Triathlon Coach. LYNX Triathlon was born from her desire to share her passion for the sport with others.  

Cindy Luntley

Cindy is our affiliate Physiotherapist:

Cindy Luntley has been a practicing physiotherapist since 1987. She qualified in London, UK and followed this with a 4-year postgraduate training program. She is registered with the Alberta College of Physical Therapists. 

Lindsay Winter

Lindsay is our Tuesday 6:00pm Run Coach:

Lindsay is the newest addition to the coaching staff in the Generator Run Studio.  She brings the experience of a Kinesiology degree and a lengthy running career to her coaching.  Lindsay began running competitive cross country in the 3rd grade in jean shorts and a pair of pink Keds and took it all the way through to a successful university career with the U of C Dinos Cross Country and Track and Field teams, thankfully, with better shoes.  These days she takes a more well rounded approach to sport with a mix of running, cycling, and downhill and nordic skiing but occasionally dips her toes in the competitive road running circuit.  Lindsay loves meeting new people wherever they're at in their athletic journey and helping them achieve their goals.   Her coaching style is that of a natural encourager and positive motivator.

Kevin McClelland

Kevin coaches in the Downtown Engine Room Studio:

    Sunday 9:00am Ride/Run class.

Kevin is a true believer that cycling is for everyone.  Kevin began teaching fitness at Heavens Fitness in the eighties and was a Canadian National Aerobic Champion, unfortunately pictures complete with tights and leg warmers still exist.  Departing Heavens Kevin started running and completed two Honolulu Marathons and one Los Angeles Marathon. 

Dennis Bland

Dennis is our Outdoor Club Ride and Vacation Specialist:

Dennis is a lifetime cyclist with countless hours of experience both racing at a high level and guiding with Trev and The Doctrine. When he's not guiding for us, you'll most likely see Trev and him heading out to explore local roads or flying away to perform recon for our cycling vacations. One of his other hobbies is manipulating sport motorbikes through impossibly fast corners on race tracks around Calgary. No need to question his bike handling skills once you've seen him drag his knee through a chicane!

Michael Godfrey

Michael coaches:

  • every Oliver Vacation.

Michael has coached for The Doctrine since it's inception in 2010. Being training partners with Trev through the early 2000's, they bounced coaching ideas and tried them out on each other cycle after cycle and year over year. Before Michael moved to Nelson to retire with his new wife, he was had one of the most loyal classes. We are frankly surprised several of his cyclists didn't move with him! Michael continues to come back and take over classes when visiting from Nelson and is an absolutely staple for the Oliver vacations where he is known for his knowledge and experience, but most of all for his ability to tell a great story!

Michael and Trev look forward every year to our day off between the two Oliver vacations where we (you guessed it) ride our bikes. However, we've dubbed it our 'Life Affirmation Ride', and we develop a different challenge every year.

Morgan Johnston

Morgan coaches Pilates and several Core classes.

I’m a decedent of a Royal Viking bloodline that I get bragging rights to without getting a crown which is pretty unfortunate and feels like a missed opportunity.

I have always had an unhealthy relationship with speed; cars, running and rehab timelines. Throughout my life I have played sports including soccer, sprinting (specifically 100m aka the love of my life), rugby and speed skating. Unfortunately, plagued by injuries, I had to quit my favourite sport (100m) and have undergone two ankle/lower leg surgeries. I’ve learned so much about movement, performance, rehab, and the precarious return to performance. I have been incredibly blessed to work at a Sports Medicine Clinic where I discovered how to merge my experience as an athlete with the knowledge I have gleaned from working in a clinical setting. While being deeply involved in the clinical world as well as sports performance, I have seen (and experienced first hand) the chasms which exist, especially for athletes in rehab. The path from sustaining injury to returning to sport led me to Pilates, which has been the bridge to cross that chasm, allowing for a return to participating in sport successfully; stronger and safer.

I can not wait to meet you and help you experience the incredible benefits of Pilates. I can’t promise you I won’t say some mom jokes, geek out on cars or talk about the most recent Cowboy’s game…just sayin’.

Sherri Buchignani

Sherri coaches in The Engine Room:

  • Retired

With over 20 years of cycling and triathlon experience, Sherri has demonstrated endless drive, determination and commitment at the betterment of herself as an athlete and others while coaching. These adventures have resulted in podium wins and Provincial titles. Her passion for cycling led her to help grow the sport by creating a women’s specific team in Calgary, focusing on the development of Masters (30+) riders.

Laura Connolly

Laura coaches at the JCC Revolution:

  • On Hiatus (for now)

Laura is one of the original "Spin Mommas" and has been cycling with Trev for 9 years now, gaining valuable knowledge and experience from Trev's handcrafted cycling classes.

Laura had spent a great deal of time on the bike over the years training for and completing several Olympic, Half, and Ironman distance triathlons. As well as a few marathons thrown in there for good measure! By her own admission though, she became a much more efficient and stronger cyclist after training with Trev...

Cat Young

Cat coaches in The Engine Room:

  • On Hiatus (for now)

Cat brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to endurance sport training.

Prior to starting her family Cat, excelled in triathlon. She enjoyed success at multiple distances placing 2nd F25-29 at the Ironman World Championships and was awarded Triathlon Canada amateur Triathlete of the year award.

Cat continues to work as a Nurse Clinician specializing in Diabetes Education at the Foothills Medical Centre and is a busy mom of three young children.

With the support of her family Cat continues her passion trying to spread her love of cycling to the Doctrine athletes as well as continue to train and aspire to faster times of her own.

Cat and Trev met in 1999 while both were at the University of Victoria.

Stephan Becker

Stephan coaches in The Engine Room:

  • Wed 5:15pm  60 minute Class

Stephan emigrated to Canada from Netherlands in the summer of 2014, and had never lived in a country that has the beautiful mountains right in his backyard. His weekly goal is to spend as much time outdoors as possible, no matter the weather or other life priorities. Just spending one day in the mountains gives him so much mental energy that he can carry it throughout the rest of the week. Given the choice, indoor or outdoor workout - outdoor will always be the top choice! You'll find Stephan often road biking / running / XC MTB / hiking and often will do these with his Australian Shepard, Yoshi, with his wife or both!