Cycling and Lifestyle Services

Providing cycling, running, sport conditioning, vacations, and corporate group building services in Calgary.
The Doctrine is more than a workout, it's a lifestyle.


Indoor Cycling

A community of cyclists of all abilities and experience. Real coaches guide you to be a more competent, skilled, and proficient cyclist no matter what choice of riding you do.

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Outdoor Social Club

Let's get outside! Every Wednesday evening, let our coaches lead you on a fun ride while learning new routes, cycling, and maybe throwing in the odd challenge. Hang with friends and go for a beer after!

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Indoor Running

Yes, outdoor runners stay "fit" but if running faster or for longer is your goal and doing it with less risk of injury, then come join us!

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Cycling Vacations

Fully supported and guided vacations suited for any ability or experience level. Let us take care of you!

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Sport Conditioning

One-on-one Pilates and functional movement based sessions provide fully customized and detailed sport conditioning programs for cyclists, runners, and triathletes.

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Corporate Services

Corporate networking on bikes. We create opportunities for employees and clients to spend quality time interacting while united in a common goal. Corporate Cycling Clubs, Events, and Retreats.

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Bike Fitting

The Doctrine Training is proud to have 3 Certified Retul Bike Fitters available for you to ensure your bike is set up specifically for your needs.

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3T Bike Retailer

Ever wondered what the experience would be if you bought a good bike from an actual bike expert? Get a professional fit, personal service, and a bike that is perfect for you.

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Two convenient locations!

Have a look at the schedules from both facilities and determine what works best for you.

The Engine Room

Located DOWNTOWN inside Speed Theory on 10th Ave. SW

The Engine Room uses Computrainers with software Trev has helped develop. Real time feedback like power, cadence, and pedal stroke, will ensure you become a better cyclist.  Our coaches have years of experience with this data and can provide individual coaching during your sessions. Fitness becomes the byproduct of these progressive classes. Both studios have the capability (though not required) to use your own wireless devices, like your Garmin or Wahoo Cadence and HR monitors! 

All of our classes are fully coached and have no ability criteria, however, the classes are designed to prepare you to progress toward a goal or event. Bike storage and mounting is available.

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Revolution Studio

Located inside the Jewish Community Center on 90th Ave SW.

Modeled after The Engine Room, and coached with the same enthusiasm, this studio has been designed for ease of use, maximum airflow, and enjoyment! There are showers available. You do not need to be a member of the Jewish Community Center to take these classes, however there is a discount if you are a member. Bike storage and mounting is available.

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We provide fully supported and coordinated cycling vacations that allow you to enjoy the region and not worry about the logistics! These vacations will take you on roads that your friends haven't ridden yet but want to.
  • No Hassle Vacation

    Your whole vacation is taken care of. Hotel, meals, airport transfer, bike building and maintenance. Done. You simply need to get on the plane and decide how much or little you’d like to ride each day.

  • No Experience Required

    Our team of certified, knowledgeable coaches will guide and support your vacation so you get just the right amount of cycling in each day and an opportunity to experience the area in ways typical tourists do not.

  • More Than Guides

    We are more than just guides who will send you off in a particular direction and meet you for dinner after… we ride with you. We coach you. You become a better, more efficient cyclist while enjoying our carefully selected vacation experience.

Upcoming Cycling Vacations

Providing fully supported cycling vacations departing from Calgary Alberta. These vacations will take you on roads that your friends haven't ridden yet but want to.

The Coaches


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