Triathlon & Cycling Training Camp


May 9-13, 2024

Hosted in partnership with


This training camp is suited for triathletes of all abilities targeting sprint, olympic, half and full Ironman distance events as well as for pure cyclists interested in Gran Fondos, Charity Rides, and multi-day cycling events.

$1,525.00 CDN + GST per person

Based on double occupancy. Contact me for single occupancy options. A deposit of $500 will be due upon notifying Trev you are 'in', with the total due by the end of April 2024. If you would like a room to yourself, please add $275 + GST to the total.

  • This will be 4 nights so that you have 4 complete days of swimming/cycling, sleeping, eating, and relaxing.

  • Check in any time after 2pm on May 9th. If you are flying, departing on May 13th afternoon. If you are driving, depart anytime after lunch of May 13th.

  • To secure your spot a deposit is required. The rate quoted is based on 'double occupancy', however last year, having a room to yourself was not a huge extra cost.

Mary Jessey of LYNX
If you choose to participate in the morning open water swim sessions, Mary will be coaching from a canoe leading you through swim sessions tailored to prepare you for your next triathlon. Sessions will cover how to stay calm in open water, sighting & drafting, cornering around buoys efficiently, mass starts from the beach and deep water and efficient water exits.

Mary is one of two Swim Smooth Certified Coaches in Canada and one of Calgary’s preeminent swim coaches specializing in helping triathletes feel competent and confident during the swim leg of their races. These sessions are a great way to kick start your open water swim training many weeks earlier than you could get into open water in Calgary

The Experience

Here is what we are proud to have developed.
The Southern Okanagan region offers the ideal varied terrain to effectively train day over day on the bike and a lake warm enough to swim in May! While being coached and guided by Trev Williams, who will be on his 23rd year straight cycling, coaching, and exploring in the region, you will be exposed to climbs of length simply not attainable in Calgary and the surrounding area. This allows for much longer times at threshold or race pace while being surrounded by amazing scenery and support. Coach Mary of LYNX Triathlon will be coaching in a no-motor lake from a canoe and upping your open water experience.

The price will be inclusive of professional coaching, guiding, structured training sessions, ride and swim support, hotels, transportation to and from Penticton airport, and will be based on double occupancy. In addition to a relaxing view of Lake Oliver, most hotel rooms have a kitchenette, a double bed, as well as a pull out double. Meals are the responsibility of the athlete however Mary goes out of her way to create some memorable group dinners.

With four to five support staff ensuring your stay is successful we look forward to joining you in Oliver and the surrounding region in May!