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Spin Bike Classes

Real People. Real Rides. Real Results.

Ride for as little as
$18 a class!
The studio received a beautiful face-lift in the fall of 2021 and we are ready to welcome you. We cater to exercise enthusiasts looking for a impactful Spin Class, supporting you in your fitness quest. With our spin bike computer feedback we are able to welcome all levels and abilities to ride together in one class.
Email Trev ( if you have any questions.

Schedule and Pricing

The monthly membership is the most valuable or the class passes are a great way to ride with us as well.

(NOTE: You CANNOT purchase a membership through the Mindbody App. Only Class Passes. Please follow links below. Then, in both cases, you simply choose what classes you want on the MindBody App)

Fall / Winter Schedule to the end of April 2023

All classes are designed to motivate and challenge you. We want to ensure you benefit from all your hard work and make friends along the way!

Pricing as follows:

NOTE: We're real people too. If you're traveling, or sick, or have a sick kid and you miss a class, just shoot us an email. We'll add that class back for you.

Monthly Memberships!

Ride 13 Times a Month:
$234 a month + GST

$18 a class!
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Ride 9 Times a Month:
$171 a month + GST

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Ride 5 Times a Month:
$100 a month + GST

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Weekday Class Passes!

20 Rides in Four Months:
$440 + GST

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10 Rides in Three Months:
$230 + GST

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5 Rides in Two Months:
$120 + GST

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Endurance Class Passes.

Saturday's Class. Stay as long as you want up to 2 hours!

5 Rides in 3 Months:
$155 + GST

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1 Ride this Month:
$32 + GST

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Done, now you simply schedule your classes on your Mindbody App.

  • Interested in trying a class before you fully commit?

    Please send Trev an email to set up a convenient time for your first visit.

  • Want to add a class here and there?

    Your membership allows you to tack on a class at our membership price of $22.

  • Interested in more than three times a week every month?...

    That's awesome, email Trev. Our instructors want to be 'on' what you are taking!

  • If you want to bring a friend to have them try out a class....

    Absolutely! Bring them along. Just let your instructor know.

  • Curious about the classes where you use your own bike?

    visit our Indoor Cycling on Computrainers page. Learn More

Check out the class schedule below:

Benefits of Spinning

Our indoor cycling on spin bikes classes are known for their high energy instructors who combine music, coaching, power based bikes and passion to create an exhilarating workout. We encourage our beginners all the way to our hard core riders to adapt their workout to fit their experience and comfort level. Although, indoor cycling has a reputation for intensity, we appeal to every rider's needs. It's your workout; the level of intensity is yours to choose. Learn more about the benefits to spinning while attending a class at The Doctrine in Calgary.

Rapid Calorie Burn
Low Impact
Stress Relief

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Ride At Your Own Pace
No Planning Required

Track Your Improvements
Build Community

Getting a bike fit isn't just for new riders! Here, 87 year old Jerry Schwartz gets a tune up to improve his comfort on long rides on his new C5.

Instructor Martine Yzerman

Martine is guaranteed to encourage and motivate you to work to your full potential on and off the bike.

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