3T Bikes

3T didn't come to us, we went to them.

We live and breathe bikes and this is what we're riding.

We are the only 3T dealer in Calgary. We've built up several bikes to our own specs and also have a couple 'stock' 3T's we like to ride. We'll find a solution for you.

We love the Exploro because of its versatility, being able to effortlessly transition from a road bike, to light gravel, to a full-on adventure bike.

We like the Strada Due as it's a 'modern' bike able to handle wide tires yet borrowing designs ques from the old Cervelo P3's aeroness which we used to race.

Visit their website for all models, component specs and geometry. We can even get a frame and build you something special.

3T Bike Website

Call us, we love talking bikes.

We'll take care of you for real.
3T Exploro Copper
Exploro GRX
Bike Fitting Calgary
Bike Fitting Calgary
Bike Fitting Calgary
Bike Fitting Calgary