Announcing: The NEW Doctrine Centre


After months of planning and collaborating we are excited to announce a new indoor cycling location, additional membership perks, and new programs for our members! NEW LOCATION Your cycling centre is re-locating this summer a mere 2 minute bike ride directly west to the south east corner of 10th ave and 10th street. We will be joining forces with a …

How to Get Better Gear Ranges | Cycling Tips

thedoctrineCycling Tips

Trev Williams shows what it entails to get more useful gear ranges out of your bike. Keep a small front chainring for climbing and still have big downhill tailwind gears! Prevent grinding on a hill or spinning out on a tailwind.

Improve Pedal Stroke For Cycling Efficiency

thedoctrineCycling Tips

We’re always talking about how to improve your pedal stroke and make you a more efficient cyclist, and this shows you why! Go further with the same amount of energy. Be a more efficient cyclist.

CBC Article: Road cycling the new golf for business networking

thedoctrineIn the News

The golf course has long been the place where deals are sealed. Companies give their preferred clients time on the greens as a perk and a way to network, but there’s a new sport muscling its way into the world of corporate networking: road biking… Read the full article >