Vancouver Cycling Vacation

2021 Fall Cycling (and Wine) Vacation!

Victoria, BC
Sept 30th (evening) - Oct 4th (afternoon)

4 nights overlooking Victoria, one of Canada's cycling wonderlands.

Here are the steps we are taking to ensure you feel comfortable going on vacation with us:

1.)  We will be using at the Westin to ensure ours vacationers feel safe and can rely on their well established COVID protocols

2.)  We will be using professional Catering and Restaurants to prepare all meals using their extensive Post-Covid protocols.

3.) If you choose to fly, both Westjet and the airports have developed Covid protocols to reduce any risk.

4.) Our coaching and support staff is tight, double vaccinated, and will follow all Alberta and BC guidelines to ensure you feel comfortable.

$1895 per person
Based on double occupancy. Contact me for single occupancy options. A deposit of $500 will be due upon notifying Trev you are 'in', with the total due by the end of August 2021.
  • This will be 4 nights so that you have 4 complete days of riding, sleeping, eating, enjoying local beer, and relaxing.

  • Check in any time after 2pm on Sept 30th. If you are flying, departing on October 4th afternoon. If you are driving, depart anytime after lunch of October 4th.

  • To secure your spot a deposit is required. The rate quoted is based on 'double occupancy', however last year, having a room to yourself was not a huge extra cost.


The Experience

Here is what we are proud to have developed.

This vacation will be directed toward hobby cyclists, however, triathletes and duathletes are welcome and can absolutely be accommodated. There will be plenty of time to relax, however, we will be offering a lot of options if you want to take advantage of every second you aren't working in an office! We will be offering the vacation mostly out of the Westin when not cycling. This ensures the group can meet and socialize easily off the 'playing field'. We will provide a constructive, challenging, enjoying, and motivating environment that will have you leaving excited and invigorated about your hobby. A tired smile is what I am after! (Note: Breakfasts and alcohol during dinners are not included. Breakfasts will be facilitated as a group reservation and simply billed to the correct room so you're not spending time on checks.)

I spent ten days at a cycling tourist chateau in France during the summers of 2011 and 2012 learning another aspect of 'the cycling vacation'. Having the ability to not only deal with, but capitalize on, the multiple levels of ability and motivation was the specialty of this particular outfit and I learned from the best. I've subsequently hosted several cycling vacations a year since then gathering invaluable experience over more than a decade. Vacationers will be treated with options at the beginning and throughout each day and will be able to go as 'hardcore' or 'vactioncore' as they would like.

Optional Experience

Opportunity to ride in the Tour of Victoria Gran Fondo!
We have timed this vacation perfectly with being able to ride in Ryder Hesjedal's Tour de Victoria. We like this ride as it picks a lot of roads that we would pick ourselves and offers a massive amount of different distances. From a 30km small tour to a 160km day long event! Once you register for the vacation, we'll contact you to see if you want to ride in this optional event. If not? We'll have a great day planned for you too.

The price will be inclusive of professional coaching, guiding, structured training sessions, ride and run support, hotels, dinners (not including alcohol during dinner), post ride snacks and refreshments including local craft beer!, transportation to and from Victoria airport, on-the-bike nutrition, and will be based on double occupancy. In addition to a view of the mountain bike trails toward Mount Finlayson, most hotel rooms have a kitchenette and two queen beds. Formal lunch along the ride (one day of the four) will be the responsibility of the vacationer (all on-the-bike nutrition is supplied) as well as any midnight snacks you devour.

With three support staff ensuring your stay is successful I look forward to joining you in Victoria and the surrounding region in September!