JCC Revolution Studio

Located inside The Jewish Community Center on 90th Ave. SW

Look below at the schedule and reserve your spot for Fall/Winter 2022/2023.

  Classes start on the week of Oct. 3rd 2022 and go to April 28th 2023. If you need to start at a much later date, then email Trev and we'll prorate your membership!

Modeled after The Engine Room, and coached with the same enthusiasm, this studio has been designed for ease of use, maximum airflow, and enjoyment! There are showers available. You do not need to be a member of the Jewish Community Center to take these classes, however there is a discount if you are a member. Bike storage and mounting is available.


JCC Revolution Studio

Jewish Community Center
1607 90 Ave SW 
Calgary, AB
T2V 4V7

We start up Oct. 2 2023 and memberships goes to April 25th 2024 with a break for Christmas.

Cost for the 7 month membership:


Of course we'll pro-rate your membership! Just shoot Trev an email trev@thedoctrine.ca)

  • JCC Member: Weekday twice-a-week: $229.50 + GST
  • JCC NON-Member: Weekday twice-a-week: $262 + GST
  • JCC Member: Weekend once-a-week volume class: $148.50 + GST
  • JCC NON-Member: Weekend once-a-week volume class: $169 + GST
  • Bike mounting and storage for entire membership: FREE

NOTE:  THERE WILL BE NO CLASSES on Family Day in February, any Jewish Holiday where the community center is closed, or Easter Monday.


The Experience

Each 60 - 120min class is capped at 15 cyclists. We keep the class size down and keep the personability up. You will find after a few classes you have a whole new group of friends to help you achieve your goals.

Our goal will be to make you more competent, confident, safe, skilled and faster on the bike. This involves laying the ground work in early season and progressing intelligently toward the outdoor season.

Good company, great music, and smart sessions.


We sell a membership to reserve your spot guaranteed during the time frames you registered for. Consistency is key, to help you achieve your goals we steer away from 'drop-ins' as workout progress throughout the 7 months. All cyclists are encouraged to attend as many classes as possible to ensure they can execute to maximum effect.

Please peruse the calendar above and choose the cycling class that best suits your time schedule. The weekday 60 min classes are designed to be attended twice a week.  Once you have chosen the time frame that works for you, follow the link to register!

If you do not have a road bike, but DO have a MTN bike, this is no problem. The only thing we need to do is to put a non-treaded tire on your rear wheel. If you let me know you have a MTN bike, I can help you with this!

Facility Head: Lavina Gilliland

Lavina has been with The Doctrine since 2011 and has been a pleasure to watch develop into a confident competent cyclist and coach during our time together.

The Coaches