COVID Protocols, Relaunch, Renovation, and Updates

Here is 'our new world' and how we're handling it.

The Doctrine Covid-19 Protocol 2020-2021 

We have updated the ENTIRE Studio space significantly to make the area safe and still maintain the community feel.

EACH CLASS WILL HAVE A MAXIMUM OF 12 CYCLISTS DOWNTOWN and 6 CYCLISTS at the JCC, due to us placing each station 3 meters apart (with barriers).

How the studio will operate;

We have spent months consulting and planning the new space and want to go above and beyond AHS standards to keep you safe.

- Anyone entering the member-only facility will be required to review AHS Covid 19 symptoms checklist with staff, place their personal items in a bin, wear a mask when not working out, and sanitize their hands.
- All trainers and treadmills are both spaced 3+metres apart WITH barriers.  Participants will proceed to their bike station with mask on and prepare for class.
- Each participant will have a "station" to place their belongings.  This includes a sanitized bin for all personal items.
- AHS Contact Tracing will be managed by the Studio Software Database.
- Minimal touch points in the studio with zero contact between clients and/or coaches.
- All stations sanitized as well as dressing room handles, bathrooms and bikes between each class.
- Participants bring their own full water bottles, towels and nutrition.
- It is strongly recommended that those wishing to simplify their arrival and departure purchase the Bike Storage and Mounting add-on at time of registration.
- Masks mandatory when not working out.
- No fans to minimize airflow risk (the room temperature will be kept much lower than we have in the past to keep you comfortable) Please consider wearing warm clothes over your workout gear until the workout begins.
- Hand sanitizer throughout the facility.

Options for Participation Online;

We understand that some of our participants may not be fully comfortable returning to indoor training but want to continue progressing with structured, coached sessions.
We will have the option for LIVE Online participation for most cycling classes.
If you prefer this method of training, you must have access to an indoor trainer, computer or iPad (that is set up in close proximity to trainer) and have downloaded the Zoom app.
You will be registered in a regularly scheduled class and will be coached along with your class LIVE.  You see the workout, coaches, and class and they still see you!  Which means you are still part of the energy and community our classes offer!
Please email to register for this option.

What happens if you get sick or need to miss class?

In the event that you are sick (even mildly), PLEASE STAY HOME!  Our coaches must send anyone displaying ANY symptoms of Covid-19 back home.
There are options if you can not attend because you are sick or have symptoms;

If you feel well enough to train and have a home trainer and computer or iPad...

Simply text your coach with as much notice as possible and they will have you join your class at the regular time via Zoom! This is also an option for parents who must remain at home with children who are sick or have their school closed due to Covid-19

If you are sick and can not train or have been cleared of Covid-19 but have missed a class...

Again, text your instructor with as much notice as possible.  Your instructor will provide you with possible options to make up classes in other time slots IF there is room.

What happens if your coach gets sick?

We have a number of staff from both facilities who are all highly trained and experienced.  You will have a substitute from this amazing team take over until your coach has been cleared to teach.  We also have several new coaches ready to jump in should multiple coaches need to isolate or be tested.

What happens if someone from class tests positive for Covid-19?

Once again, we are going to use the AHS' guidelines for this. If this happens, that specific class will move online until the instructors and participants have been cleared (either by test or by 14 days, whichever comes first). We are aiming that the MAXIMUM time we have to move online is for 4 classes until you can see your friends again.

This year will be different, no doubt.  We feel we have found the solution to providing the safest experience possible while still promoting solid training and a healthy dose of community.
The pictures on this page show some of the updates to our space in response to requiring more space and barriers to ensure you are safe and feel safe. We are taking this opportunity to improve the ergonomics of the area while ensuring you can still chat with your friends.'.