Look below at the schedule and reserve your spot for Fall/Winter 2020/2021.

Classes start on the week of Oct. 5th 2020 and go to April 29th 2021.



The Engine Room

The Doctrine Training
735 10th Ave. SW
Calgary Alberta
T2R 0B3

Cost for the 6 month membership, starting Oct 5th 2020 and ending March 27th 2021:

We'll pro-rate your membership if you start at a later date!

  • Weekday twice-a-week: $1380 + GST
  • Weekend once-a-week volume class: $910 + GST
  • Bike mounting and storage for 6 months: $350 + GST
  • Most classes go through April and some go through May, but they switch to month-to-month at that time.


  • OCTOBER 12 for Thanksgiving
  • Dec. 20th - Jan 3rd for Holiday Break
  • FEBRUARY 15 for Family Day.
  • APRIL 5th for Easter Monday


Bi-Weekly 60 min and 90 min classes:

When you register for our staple bi-weekly classes you are committing to become a progressively better cyclist as the indoor season unfolds! While each coach brings their own experience and coaching style to the class you will receive the same high quality, preprogrammed class that will challenge you no matter your level. Because the smart trainer will be dialed into each individual, you work through the class at your own level and pace. This is not "spinning". It's intelligent, coached cycling, with real time feedback and a professional coach who is creating focus and purpose every workout. The 90 min bi-weekly class is structured off the 60 min class, but adapts the length, frequency, or number of sets however appropriately.

Long Rides 90+min:

Designed to compliment our Bi-Weekly classes, the long rides are the perfect balance to the intensity and skill focus of the shorter sessions. The goal of these classes is to bring you into steady state training with lower intensity to help you prepare for longer rides outside. These classes can also stand alone if your schedule only allows these times. You coaches will make sure you make the most of your time! It is far more motivating to have the company and energy of others as opposed to alone in the basement in the dead of winter! (** Please note that these classes start at 90min in the fall and become progressively longer to a max of 120min as the indoor season progresses.)

Pilates Core Add-on:

This 30 min session is the ideal compliment to our bi-weekly classes and is entirely focused on the needs of cyclists. Pilates based movement designed to develop core,balance out underused muscles and lengthen the more powerful muscles cyclists use most is the perfect trifecta.

Run Efficiency Training Classes:

Running stronger and injury free is far more than "running faster" or "running longer". These coached treadmill classes were created based on years of experience in injury prevention, movement efficiency training and a love of running. These sessions start with muscle activation work, followed by the run set and finish with Pilates based core work and muscle lengthening. No passive stretching here. This isn't your high school track coach's workout. Learn to run smarter and your running will progress!

Run Brick:

 Similar to our Run Efficiency classes, this class has been scheduled to allow Triathletes to step off their bike and right into a coached run set. Switching gears from bike to run can be a huge challenge if your body is not prepared. These classes are programmed to make T2 your superpower. Due to the demands of back-to-back riding and running, these classes will have slightly less running and additional core and cross training. (*strongly recommended that you bring additional water and nutrition for Brick sessions)

The Experience

Each 60 - 120min class is capped at 12 cyclists (Reduced for the new 'Spaced out COVID barriered' studio). We keep the class size down and keep the personability up. You will find after a few classes you have a whole new group of friends to help you achieve your goals.

Our goal will be to make you more competent, confident, safe, skilled and faster on the bike. This involves laying the ground work in early season and progressing intelligently toward the outdoor season.

Good company, great music, and smart sessions.


We sell a membership to reserve your spot guaranteed during the time frames you registered for. Consistency is key, to help you achieve your goals we steer away from 'drop-ins' as workout progress throughout the 3 - 6 months. All cyclists are encouraged to attend as many classes as possible to ensure they can execute to maximum effect.

Please peruse the calendar above and choose the cycling class that best suits your time schedule. The weekday 60 min classes are designed to be attended twice a week.  Once you have chosen the time frame that works for you, follow the link to register!

The Coaches